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Day Hike: Laguna Wilcacocha (3,600m)

Hike Overview

Wilcacocha is one of the most beautiful lakes in the cordillera negra at 3600m, with superb and scenic view to the cordillera Blanca; to focus the most exciting and panorama photos about uncountable summit of cordillera, this half day hike provides cinery view, a good worming up before attempting other demanding hikes in cordillera Blanca.

Length Half Day hike
Grade Easy - Medium
Altitude Max 3600m (12,300ft) or 3800m
Timing 4 hours walk (if you take with lookout 6 hours) walk

Brief itinerary

Huaraz – Puente santa cruz 3100m – willcacocha lake 300m – view point 3800 – Puente santa cruz – Huaraz

Itinerary Description

Superb & scenic view from Laguna wilcacocha 3600m

The day hike begin when supreme summit adventures guide will pick up you at your hotel with our private transportation and then we’ll drive on good paved way about 20 minutes to the south on the main way that go from Huaraz lima until shirapampa bridge.

From where we will start hiking up toward Willcacocha Lake, The hike is gradual ascent up on by footpath when we reach higher and higher the view will be better and better, we will pass through santa cruz village where the land is used for agriculture.

As soon as we arrive the shallow lake at 3600m to be sure we will feel awarded by the magnificent Mountain View to the Cordillera Blanca, it is really scenic view about summit of cordillera blanca, which are chained each other such as: mount huandoy, Huascaran copa, hualcan, vallunaraju, ranrapalca, churup, huantzan, shacsha & yanamarey group and caullaraju to the south. We will look the perfect overlooking point to have lunch time enjoying the overwhelming view and clicking stunning and panorama photos.

Descend we will take the same way up or we decide to take different way down traversing and to shansha village and ending in paria bridge (this option to descent is just only when your knees are not injured) either option that you can take at end of hiike our private transportation is waiting us to bring Huaraz


Extend time: 2 hours more
If you fell to be in fitter we extend our day hike to become longer and demanding for two hours more than many others that you can see. In this option we will walk up an hour more toward the superb view lookout at 3800m, where we will feel really exited with breath taken and lovely view around us, then we back on the same ascend way up we descend for half hour until the shallow lake then we follow walking down until the shirapampa bridge.

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