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Climbing Nevado Pisco (5,752m)

Climb Overview

Mount Pisco at 5,752 meters, (18,897 feet) is probably one of the best preparation climbing expeditions before attempting to climb higher mountains in the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash. Be sure Mount Pisco, is a fairly straight forward climb, without exposing the climber to difficult and technical climbing, thus allowing beginners with the opportunity to be exposed to a great experience on a big beautiful mountain, it is ideal for acclimatization, With stunning view of several other taller & more technical peaks close it, Pisco is commonly used as a preparation and acclimation climb or warm up climb for higher nearby peaks.

Maximum Altitude 5752m (18,866) feet
Difficulty (PD)
Length 3- 4 days climb

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Huaraz - Cebollapampa - Pisco Base Camp (4650m)/15,252 ft.

Day 2: Base Camp – attempt pisco summit at (5752m)/18,866ft - base camp

Day 3: Base Camp – Cebollapampa - Huaraz

Itinerary Description

Dazzling panoramic view on the summit

Day 1: Huaraz - Cebollapampa - Pisco Base Camp (4650m)/15,252 ft.
We will drive from Huaraz with our private transportation to Cebolla Pampa into the astonishing Llanganuco Valley at 3900m; from this place we will have support of donkeys and donkey drivers, who are going to load our climbing gear until base camp and we will climb up on a good trail until reach the base camp at 4650m.
Overnight at pisco base camp

Day 2: attempt pisco summit at (5752m)/18,866ft - base camp
Summit day: We as usually leave very early from the base camp around 1:00 am, because we must climb up on the rocky section or moraine until reach the beginning of glacier as soon as we reach it we put on our climbing gear as crampons, rope up, harness. Then we climb upon the west ridge with not too steep route, there are occasionally some steep sections, as hard ice at the beginning. this route is not too difficult or technical, however can be challenge with the altitude, but the views from the summit is impressive and overwhelming view around it, where we will be able to take the most scenic and panoramic pictures around us, especially towards Chacraraju, where we will see a huge and sharp snow wall is fluting o the south face, and even where we will feel really awarded by the nature. After spending few minutes on the summit, we will descend on the same route until base Camp.
Last night at base camp

Day 3: Base Camp - Cebollapampa - Huaraz
On our last day after our breakfast we will walk down until Cebolla Pampa, where our private transportation is waiting us to bring Huaraz Finish Our Climb. Back to Huaraz for a nice shower in the hotel and some rest; enjoy a good dinner celebrating in y the town.

Optional: for people who fell not in good shape and want to do more relax, we offer or recommend make in 4 days. The day 02 we move to moraine camp doing an acclimatization hike (there are great options for this).

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