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Tour Pastoruri Glacier

Tour Overview

This spectacular, Day tour offer Pastoruri magnificent mountain landscape with wide opened view of the Cordillera Blanca, with great combination of bust tour and adventure holiday, where the visitor will have the option to touch glacier, currently this snowcapped peak is seriously affected by weather change and global warning, that is the reason nowadays is well known as clime change route, it’s a unique experience to be close the glacier because is easy to reach not require mountaineering equipment, where you will have unforgettable day.

Preferred Time All Year
Duration Full Day
Altitude 5100m/16,728ft
Kind Service private And Group

Brief Itinerary

Day 01 Huaraz – puyaraymondy – pastoruri glacier field - Huaraz

Itinerary Description

Impressive Day Tour to Clime changing route to Pastoruri Glacier

Breakfast at 8:00 am /departure at 9:00 am/trip length: around 8 hours
Full day bus tour to pastoruri glacier be sure, after your breakfast we will pick up you at your hotel with our touristic transportation, the tour will start driving to the south of Huaraz on the main road that go to lima until pachacoto from where we will drive on a dirt road to the east side toward the mountains on the wide glacier valley full of scrubland until reach control of Huascaran national park.

Then we continue driving until reach the most famous high land plant called puya Raimondi near the road, where we will stop to take superb pictures it, it’s a gigantic plant with more than 18 thousand flowers and 6 million of seeds, it’s really amazing plant that grow in this altitude with colorful flowers. Close to puya raymondi is located a colorful and pristine seven colors lake or commonly called puma mouth by local people, Then we continue driving up until pastoruri valley or parking site at 4950 m high.

From this place we start walking up about 50 minutes to reach pastoruri glacier, where we will have the first contact with glacier, it’s a unique experience to touch the glacier, because it is one of the easiest snowcapped peak to reach, where is visible to see the rapidly glacier melting, ice caves, several crevasse, ice fall and spectacular glacier lake . After spending there roughly half an hour we back to parking site and where is waiting us our transportation to drive Huaraz.

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