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Trekking Santa Cruz - Ulta 6 Days

Trek Overview

Santa Cruz Trek is one of the most demanding, magnificent trekking routes and world class high altitude multi-day trek in the stunning of Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, crossing the heart of Cordillera Blanca, A week of glorious, remote high altitude trekking through green lush valleys of llanganuco, huaripamapa, Santa Cruz, and ulta, exhilarating trek between with overwhelming view of towering fluted summits over 6000 meters, cascading glaciers, aqua blue glacial lakes, alpine meadows, overwhelming beauty areas, fragile ecosystem, stunning view from campsites and even from the mountain plateau campsite at Avalanche Place and finish our trek in the beautiful Quebrada Ulta

Maximum Altitude 4850 m (15,900 feet)
Difficulty Moderate - Hard
Length 6 Days trek

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Huaraz – Cashapampa (2990m) – Llama-Corral (3760m)

Day 2: Llamacorral – Alpamayo Viewpoint (4200m) – Taullipampa (4250m)

Day 3: taullipampa - punta union pass (4750m) – paria valley (3800m)

Day 4: Paria – Colcabanba (3400m) – molinopampa(3600m)

Day 5: molinopampa – Avalancha camp (4500m)

Day 6: avalancha – yanayacu pass (4850m) – ulta (4300m)

Itinerary Description

Magnificent Trekking Santa Cruz - Ulta

Day 1: Huaraz – Cashapampa (2990m) – Llama-Corral (3760m)
We will pick up you at your hotel with our private vehicle to drive along the rich Callejón de Huaylas valley, we will pass through small arable towns whose keeps colonial architecture with red tile roofs, and on the way we will stop to enjoy spectacular views of the Andes including the western face of Peru’s highest peak, Huascaran mountain (22,205ft). After that we will continue driving until Cashapampa village, where we will meet with donkeys & donkey’s driver. we will begin with our trek, we will walk up on slightly steep trail to the right bank of santa cruz river trough by far narrow valley with sparkling waterfalls, groves & high land bushes and trees until reach a wide meadow, where is located our campsite with spectacular view to the valleys head.
Overnight camp at Llamacorral

Day 2: Llamacorral – Alpamayo Viewpoint (4200m) – Taullipampa (4250m)
This day we will walk up on gently grade uphill, passing the beautiful mountain lakes of ichiccocha and Jatuncocha, keep hiking up on green lush valley until quisuar, after that we will walk up on steep hill but the trail winds up on sig sag until reach Alpamayo overlooking above arhueycocha gorge, there offer superb view of mount alpamayo east face, despite not being one of the higher summits but is highly demanded by many mountaineers, in the 1966 an international survey declared it the most beautiful mountain in the world and this beauty draws climbers from afar by its spectacular pyramidal shape on the north face and lovely ice flouted on the southwest face, even that is perfect point too to appreciate the dramatic vista of artezonraju, the angle the peak bears a striking resemblance to paramount studios logo, then the route bring us to isolated taullipampa campsite located at the foot of tailliraju mountain, which looks like a cathedral of ice and rock.

Optional no mandatory: keep walking up until alpamayo base camp, and Arhueycocha Lake, from the shores is the better view to pukajirca, then we back retracting steps until overlooking point then traverse to taullipampa camping spot
Overnight camp at Taullipampa

Day 3: taullipampa - punta union pass (4750m) – paria valley (3800m)
This day we will walk up on gradual ascend on pre-Inca route with incredible view ahead of taulliraju until reach the Punta Union pass offer stunning and superb view of towering summits around you as pukajirca, taulliraju, artezonraju andquitaraju, by far below loiter colorful taillicoca and jatuncocha on santa cruz valley, you feel there glorious awarded by the splendid vista of the nature. As soon as crossing the pass we descent on slope and rocky trail toward green lush huaripampa valley, observing small glacial lagoons, waterfalls meaning on the rocks.the camping spot is located at the junction paria and huaripampa gorge.
Overnight camp at Paria valley

Day 04: Paria – Colcabanba (3400m) – molinopampa(3600m)
This day can be easy day at the first we walk down on wide meadow and flat green lush valley with some sections of quenual & quisuar forest, whose lovely twisted trunks with their orange bark the trail is almost easy until reach huaripampa village, we will pass directly. We will keep down until reach the bottom the valley just crossing the bridge at colcabamba, after that we will walk up on gradual grade card road until reach molinopampa.
Overnight camp at molinopampa

Day 05: molinopampa – Avalancha camp (4500m)
After our hearty breakfast we will start walking up on gradual ascend trail and stedly upward but with gorgeously view of mounts group of contrahierbas to the left side, and spectacular view of water falls. The trail winds up through the incredible Andean vegetation, until reach the ichic ulta glacier lakes, a pair of sparkling in the verdant of ulta gorge. As soon as we reach the avalanche camping spot there we will enjoy watching several avalanches falling down.
Overnight camp at avalanche

Day 06: Avalancha – Yanayacu pass (4850m) – Ulta(4300m)
This day we will walk up on rock slide trail, where the ascent is dramatic, as the path traverses a steep rock face until reach the yanayacu pass, where we will be able to take the most unforgettable pictures about giant summits of Huascaran and chopicalqui south side after that we will drop on slippery trail until yanacocha lake then we keep down on green lush ulta valley until the bridge Finish our trek, where awaits our private transportation to bring us to Huaraz. Back to Huaraz for a nice shower and some rest; enjoy a good dinner in town.

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